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More Updates On Gilbert Arenas' Guilty Plea

More details are emerging from Gilbert Arenas’ guilty plea in court today for a felony gun possession charge.

According to Dan Steinberg, the prosecutors say that Arenas brought a .500 magnum silver smith and wesson to the Verizon Center in a backpack on December 21. The prosecutors also say that Arenas threatened to shoot Javaris Crittenton in the face the day before, though it’s unclear whether this was in jest or not.

Previous accounts state that Arenas laid out four unloaded guns in a suitcase in the locker room and told Crittenton to pick one. However, according to prosecutors, Arenas in fact had a teammate bring the suitcase down to the parking garage without the teammate knowing what was inside. Prosecutors also say Crittenton did in fact pull out a semi-automatic weapon in the locker room.

As to the date of the sentencing, it likely means Arenas will not be able to return this season. Mike Jones reports that Arenas’ attorney tried to get an earlier sentence date, but the judge declined.

Arenas himself barely spoke, only saying “yes sir” and “no sir,” according to Steinberg.

The Washington Post is reporting that Arenas was released only after surrendering his passport and agreeing to not posses any guns anywhere, even if they were licensed.

Arenas’ attorney, Ken Wainstein, released the following statement:

“Earlier this afternoon, Gilbert Arenas appeared before the Honorable Robert E. Morin of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and pled guilty to a charge of carrying a pistol in the District of Columbia without a license. He accepted full responsibility for his actions, acknowledged that those actions were wrong and against the law, and has apologized to all who have been affected by his conduct. Mr. Arenas appreciates the professionalism of the authorities handling this matter.”