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Blogging The Boys: Attack Jasper Brinkley

The Dallas Cowboys enter their game against Minnesota with a lot of confidence based on recent play. They’re on a four-game win streak and their offense has been balanced, able to run the ball and strike with the pass. The Vikings are known for run defense, but they lost middle linebacker E.J. Henderson earlier this season. He was replaced by rookie Jasper Brinkley. Blogging The Boys says the Cowboys will test Brinkley in both the run and pass game.

The Cowboys game plan will likely center around attacking [Jasper] Brinkley. He’s big and can stuff inside runs, but he cannot run well in space. The Cowboys will see if he can chase powers, off-tackles and tosses to the edges and get through the pulling guards. If he can’t the Vikings will have to bring a safety up to offer help.

They would rather not do that since they are a zone team…

If the Vikings are playing their usual coverages the bigger calls will come in the middle of the field. Dallas will no doubt send [Jason] Witten up the field on seams and deep ins to challenge Brinkley and fellow rookie SS Tyrell Johnson. If Dallas can get tight ends on Brinkley it will get big plays. Also look for more plays running Patrick Crayton into the middle of the Vikings zone, between the layers and in front of the safeties.

Video: When the Cowboys want to attack the middle, they use Jason WItten.