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Blogging The Boys: Cowboys Simply 'Outclassed' By Vikings

The Cowboys' 34-3 drubbing at the hands of the Vikings is painful for Cowboys faithful, as they were doubtlessly longing for the team's glory days to be resurrected. Over at Blogging the Boys, though, Dave Halprin refuses to rationalize, point fingers at the other team, or make excuses.

It’s a bitter end to what was a very good season. The Cowboys at least won a playoff game, that hurdle has been cleared. They just weren’t ready to step up to the elite in the NFL; when the opportunity presented itself at the beginning of the game, they let it pass instead of grabbing it by the throat.

There’s no way around it, they got out-classed by a Vikings team that was ready to play. After taking a few Dallas jabs to start the game, they danced the Cowboys around the ring, landing blow after blow. The Cowboys spent the game on the ropes, running for cover.

Click through to read the rest of the post, which also features a ton of comments from Cowboys fans that are far less civilized. Please, though, don't troll them. This is a bad time for that.