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Voters Quite Proud Of Themselves For Being Behind The Curve

Tomorrow you're going to be inundated with Top 25 articles that focus on the fact that UConn has (probably) dropped out.  And those articles will explain to you what you already knew...UConn isn't very good.  So how come it took the voters so long to figure this out?


The Huskies have been a part of the rankings for weeks now, despite the fact that anyone paying attention could tell you they have no quality wins and haven't played well in a long time.  Nevertheless, AP voters continued to vote for them because, well, that's what they do. And because their jersey says UConn on it.


So Sunday's loss to Michigan was the last straw for some folks who have already released their polls and they can't wait to brag about it. Congrats, folks.  One of these days we'll get around to discussing Kentucky's SOS and North Carolina's losses,


(And for the record, UConn dropped out of SBNation's Power Rankings last week.  Just sayin'...)