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The Andris Biedrins Free Throw Watch Mercifully Ends

Andris Biedrins isn't very good at shooting free throws. Rebounding, blocking shots, finishing at the rim -- those are all his strengths. But shooting unguarded 15 feet from the hoop? Not his cup of tea.


While his hideous shooting "form" has caused fans to avert their eyes for years, the career 52% free throw shooter has been reasonably successful for someone who appears to spasm when he releases the ball. Until now, that is.


After returning from injury, Biedrins had not made a free throw all season entering last night's game against the Bulls. Thankfully, however, we can retire the "Andris Biedrins Free Throw Watch" after the Latvian big man went one for seven from the line to raise his season-long accuracy to a scintillating 7%.


Biedrins attributed his woes to changes he made over the summer while playing for the Latvian national team. Maybe it's time for him to not blow off Rick Barry.