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A Sea Of Blue: A Game Of Raw Emotion

SB Nation's Kentucky blog, A Sea Of Blue, has a reaction up to the Wildcats' win over Louisville Saturday afternoon. Given the atmosphere and electricity at Rupp Arena this afternoon, it's no surprise that the overwhelming emotion of the day is a major focus of the postmortem.

This was a game of raw emotion, and overcoming raw emotion. To my surprise, either Calipari had this team in a ridiculously high place coming into this game, or the players simply let the hype and the smack talk get the best of them. Either way, this was by far the most intensity and physicality I have seen out of this young Kentucky team on both ends of the floor. I can't say for sure whether it was good or bad, because excess intensity is never good. In the end, though, the Kentucky Wildcats prevailed, and bottom line, that's all that matters.

The entire post is worth a read as A Sea Of Blue addresses the Demarcus Cousins episode earlier in the game and breaks down the Cats' performance in this site's typically comprehensive style.