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Oregon Student Says QB Jeremiah Masoli, WR Garrett Embry Stole Laptops

It hasn't exactly been a good year for Oregon football when it comes to player behavior. And it might be getting worse. According to a report from, quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and wide receiver Garrett Embry have been identified as the suspects by the Oregon student who filed a police report over an alleged robbery. Eugene police have only confirmed that they are in the process of investigating an alleged theft.

Max Wolfard, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, alleges that Masoli and Embry stole two MacBook Pro laptops, worth $2,000 and $1,500 respectively, as well as a $900 guitar, from his fraternity house early on Sunday. Wolfard told The Oregonian that he was sure of the suspects' identities:

The minute I stepped on the staircase I said to myself, 'Wow, Masoli and Embry are in our house right now. Masoli has a very distinctive face, very distinctive facial hair -- not to mention I see him on TV all the time.

Then, Wolfard described his alleged confrontation with the two Oregon football players:

Wolfard said he didn't think anything of Masoli and Embry's presence at first given that he'd seen them at the house before. But when they started to act "suspicious" -- and appeared to be hiding something -- he demanded to know what they were doing. It was then that Wolfard noticed Embry was carrying what appeared to be Wolfard's projector screen, valued at $560.

Wolfard said the two players then ran out the back door. Wolfard said Masoli fled north and Embry went east up Agate Street as Wolford chased him. Blocks later, Wolfard says, Embry stopped running, gave him back his projector screen and said, "You've got it back, now you better get out of here."

Wolfard, who said there was no evidence of forced entry at the fraternity house, returned to his room to find his guitar and computer missing and then called police.

Masoli and Embry have so far declined to comment on the alleged incident. And to be fair, at this point, no one else has corroborated Wolfard's account of seeing Masoli and Embry in the fraternity house. Still, if these charges are true, it's worth remembering what happened to former UConn point guard Marcus Williams, who was suspended for a semester for stealing laptops back in 2005.

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