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Stern: Wizards Have Yet To Ask League About Voiding Arenas' Contract

The next logical step in the Gilbert Arenas saga, besides his March 26 sentencing, is determining whether the Wizards will seek to void the remaining four years and nearly $90 million on his contract.

According to the Washington Post’s Michael Lee, however, David Stern told Arenas the Wizards have yet to make contact with the NBA’s legal department about the possibility of voiding Arenas’ deal.

The same source said that during the meeting, Arenas asked Stern about the possibility of having the remaining four years of his six-year $111 million contract voided, to which Stern replied, “That would be left up to the team.” He also informed Arenas that members of the Wizards organization had yet made an inquiry about voiding his contract to the NBA’s legal department.

That doesn’t mean the Wizards won’t void his contract, but they have not made significant strides on making it happen yet.

Also, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Stern was weighing between two suspensions: an 82-game penalty or a penalty merely for the remainder of the season. Stern allowed Arenas to take the remainder of the season suspension in return for not appealing it. Arenas accepted.

Wojarowski also reports that Javaris Crittenton, the other Wizard involved in the altercation, will receive “a similar penalty to Arenas.”