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It's Official: Arenas, Crittenton Suspended For Rest Of Season

The New York Times' Howard Beck was the first of many to report that David Stern has officially suspended both Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton for the rest of the NBA season.

Stern's statement, per Beck on Twitter:

The issue here is not about the legal ownership and possession of guns, either in one’s home or elsewhere. It is about possession of guns in the NBA workplace, which will not be tolerated. Both have expressed remorse for their actions and an understanding of the seriousness of their transgressions. Both have volunteered to engage in community service to turn the lessons they have learned into an educational message for others. I accept fully the sincerity of their expressions of regret and intent to create something positive from this incident.

Stern will hold a conference call with the media at 5:30 Wednesday.