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Carolina March: Maybe The Tar Heels Needed This Loss

Ninth-ranked North Carolina was absolutely stunned Monday night by the College of Charleston who defeated them 82-79 in overtime. UNC blog Carolina March has grown exceedingly frustrated with their basketball squad over recent weeks and thinks maybe this is a necessary evil so that the team can actually improve.

After the start of this game, I started to think that UNC needed a loss, to really get it across how much they’re underperforming. I’m not even sure this will be enough, frankly. This team may need a losing streak, dropping a couple of games to start the ACC and maybe fall out of the Top 25. The team is coasting on talent, and something has to shake them up an got them playing as a team. The national ranking the Heels started the season at was asking too much from a young team, and we all knew there were going to be mistakes and bad losses, but the least the team could do is show some fire, some improvement, and some recognition that things are going poorly from someone beside the coach. And so far, I’m not seeing any of those things.