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Tommy Tuberville Interviews At Texas Tech

While Mike Leach been kicked to the curb for being...eccentric, Texas Tech seems determined to keep at least one memento from his tenure: his offense. That's why early speculation centered on current Baylor coach and former Leach assistant Art Briles as the frontrunner for the job in Lubbock.


But in the past few days, another big name has emerged as a a potential answer for the Red Raiders -- former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville. Indeed, local Lubbock TV news reports that Tuberville has touched down for his interview today. So what will Tuberville have to do to land the gig? Um, convince them that he'll abandon his entire coaching philosophy and embrace Leach's throw-it-every-down mentality. Oh, and explain how everything fell apart at Auburn. And most importantly, promise to never lock the son of an ESPN announcer in a dark closet. They frown on that in Lubbock.