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If Georgia Tech And Iowa Basketball Play During The Orange Bowl, Does Anyone Watch?

The answer is probably, "No, " but both the Yellow Jacket and Hawkeye hoops teams indeed had games scheduled for the same time as Tuesday's Orange Bowl.


Granted, the basketball contests weren't on the most widely available outlets. No. 20 Georgia Tech's game against archrival Georgia was on Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast and Full Court, while Iowa's trip to Illinois was on the Big Ten Network. So, Yellow Jacket and Hawkeye fans can be forgiven if they ignored regular season hoops to watch their teams play for BCS riches and prestige, or something.


It's not like either fan base will be happy with how their respective basketball games went. Georgia upset the Yellow Jackets, 73-66, in the Clean, Old Fashioned Hate Game, while Iowa stayed winless in the Big Ten, thanks to a 59-42 loss at Illinois.


On the bright side, Yellow Jacket and Hawkeye fans, at least you got to see the last BCS game Fox may ever call!