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Charlie Weis Is The New Offensive Coordinator Of The Chiefs

Charlie Weis did not have to spend much time in the unemployment line. The former head coach at Notre Dame has accepted an offer to become the new offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, reports ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

This reunites Weis with Chiefs' head coach Todd Haley, with whom he worked with when the two were assistants with the Jets, and also with general manager Scott Pioli form their days working together in New England. In his final press conference of the season on Wednesday, Haley said that Weis would be a great fit with the team

"Charlie would allow us to run the offense we're running if he were in this mix,'' Haley said. ''I will do everything I can to get the best, bright football minds in a position to help us. Charlie is a bright football mind who I have first-hand experience with. He would be a guy I would consider.

''I would ultimately like to have someone in here to run the offense. That will allow me to achieve my idea of what the most efficient way to run the team is, which is as the head coach. What's most important to me in getting to some of these decisions is fit. We made some major changes in this offense at the beginning of the year. There's tangible evidence this team made very good progress and it showed down the stretch especially.''