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Ricky Stanzi, American Hero


After Iowa stifled Georgia Tech to win the Orange Bowl last night, Chris Myers asked Ricky Stanzi this "question":

⇥⇥"I know you're from Middle America, and sometimes you feel like you're representing more than just a school or a conference, maybe an entire group of American citizens out there."

Stanzi's reply deserves to be on a plaque, or Glenn Beck's show, or something:

⇥⇥"Of course. I mean, there's nothing better than being American. So, I mean, this is the greatest feeling. If you don't love it, leave it! USA, number one!"

Stanzi had plenty more to say after the game, but barring him running for office, I think this is the most patriotic he will ever be in public: Punking Chris Myers really should be the national pastime.

And for that, Ricky Stanzi, we salute you.


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