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BCS Championship: Get Ready For Some Defense

If you're watching tonight's BCS Championship game, I hope you don't like points, because defense will rule the night. We're talking some immovable objects type of defense -- Alabama is No. 2 nationally, Texas No. 3. And now, according to Mack Brown, the defenses are angry, too

"I do feel like defenses got mad last spring," Texas coach Mack Brown said. "There's a lot more blitzing, there's a lot more man coverage, there's a lot more press (at the line of scrimmage). They're not giving the easy throws like they did last year."

There may not be an easy throw tonight, despite a two-time Heisman finalist in Colt McCoy and an Alabama quarterback who, according to Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, "hasn't lost a game since he was born." Actually, Bama's Greg McElroy lost one in middle school. The defenses are that good.

Kurt Bohls adds, "This pairing of Texas and Alabama could further along the trend of defensive-minded teams with strong, clock-eating, running games."

Woo! Fun!