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Halftime: Bad Gets Worse For Texas

Oh, this isn’t even really close to fair at this point. McCoy is being “re-evaluated” at the half with an injury that kept him out the entire first half. Alabama is running the ball with malicious intent. Pete Carroll is showing us his freaky hands. And worst yet for those hoping for a serious game, Garrett Gilbert just threw a “safe” shovel pass into the hands of Marcell Dareus, who earlier knocked McCoy out with that shoulder injury…

Dareus scored a TD on the return, stiff-armed a few defenders out of the way, and picked up an unsportsmanlike penalty just because he could. Gilbert is 1-10 with 2 INTs so far. Unless Alabama starts coughing up turnovers like a sick cat barfs up hairballs, this game is for all intents and purposes done, done, done.