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BCS Championship Game, 8 PM: Previews To Get You Ready For Alabama-Texas

The BCS Championship Game features Alabama and Texas in a matchup of two teams with good offenses, fantastic defenses, and fans psychotic enough to threaten weathermen over the possibility of snow and whatever the weatherman had to do with itThis is, evidently, business serious enough for murder. 

So if the power does go out tonight in Alabama, yet you somehow manage to keep electricity, immediately lower all blinds and turn off all lights unless you want the entire neighborhood coming over to watch the game.  A few quick links while you hurriedly purchase generators, backup floodlights, and extra ammo just in case:

--Smart Football says the key offensive vs. defensive matchup will be Texas' two-man patterns vs Alabama's pattern reading coverages. If you don't know what those are, well, you most definitely need to read more Smart Football. 

--SEC Sports notes that an Alabama victory would give the SEC a fourth straight BCS title. Well, they would note that, wouldn't they? 

--Big 12 Sports has the extremely intertwined stories of the teams' defensive coordinators. Remember: without the fine city of Bainbridge, GA, none of this happens. 

--I'm pretty sure these Alabama fans aren't "real," per se, but they're, you know...real. 

--Todd and the good people at Roll Bama Roll are currying favor with the football gods by admitting humiliating things about themselves. That's a fine vest there, Todd. 

--Burnt Orange Nation shows how to stagnate the Alabama offense in really, really fine detail.