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Alabama Hears "Finish Him," Enters Special Code

Oh, Texas came so, so close to making this a game. Garrett Gilbert overcame his annoyingly alliterative name to pull within three, bring Texas back into the game, and then…and then fumble the ball and give Bama a layup TD followed up by a subsequent interception and a second easy TD. That’s how you turn a 24-21 game into a 38-21 game in the final three minutes of a game, and it’s something Alabama is very, very good at.

A final interception, and Alabama fans got to yell “We just beat the hell out of you” at Texas fans who watched their team take Alabama to the wire despite losing their starting qb. In case you missed him, he’s the guy who just got off television with the broken expression, numb arm, and the composure to somehow congratulate Alabama despite suffering an unusually cruel stroke of fate in the biggest game of his life.