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Fake Scoop: Turn Out The Lights, Y'All

Yesterday, a pretty amusing quote from Stephen Jackson emerged. Below, the quote's reproduced, as Stephen Jackson explains his free throw routine, and our own Fake Scoop Jackson offers some commentary:

Everybody wants to do their best when making love. I feel like when I go to the free throw line I’m making love to my wife. I concentrate, just stay focused on what I’m doing.

Would you look at that? The brother went and gave love of the game a whole new name. Stephen Jackson. Not alimony, but matrimony.

With the game on the line, or after dinner and wine: When Captain Jack steps up, you can Turn Off The Lights. Crank the Teddy Pendergrass and let the magic happen.

Did you say Soulful? Maybe that was me. Damn. What a beautiful thing.

Love and Basketball.

But this ain’t a movie, y’all. Time to kick reality. Omar Epps, meet Stephen Jackson.

Devotion in the flesh.

Works on two levels, huh? Don’t shoot the messenger.

They say the NBA is full of Shawn Kemps, but would you look at that? Stephen Jackson went and turned off the lights for the haters. Gettin kind of dark in here now.

Somebody needs to light a candle for the haters. Get ‘em in the mood for romance. Throw some Teddy on. Let’s get cozy. Once so bitter, but now so sweet. Time for a special treat, y’all.

Pull the curtains down, my man Captain Jack is ’bout to shoot some free throws with his woman. He's in Charlotte. But when life gives you lemons, make love under the lemon tree.

It’s a recession, y’all. Get it hot with what ya got.

Make it happen, Cap’n.