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Acme Packing Company: Fitzgerald vs. Woodson The Key Matchup

The Packers and Cardinals playoff game will feature a marquee matchup between two of the best to play their positions. The Cardinals rely on the extraordinary gifts of WR Larry Fitzgerald for their offensive firepower. The Packers rely on CB Charles Woodson to shut down the opposing #1 receiver. This weekend’s game will be a showcase of their repsective talents and the winner of the matchup could go a long way towards deciding the game. Last year, Fitzgerald fueled the Cardinals run to the Super Bowl. This year, Woodson has had a phenomenal season and was just voted Defensive Player of the Year by the SB Nation NFL bloggers. So who will win this key contest between two of the best? Acme Packing Company is taking Woodson (surprise, surprise):

One X-Factor for the Cardinals is WR Larry Fitzgerald. While he’s one of the best during the regular season, and he’s been so for a while, he turned it up to 11 during the playoffs last year.

vs. Falcons 6 rec 101 yds 1 TD
at Panthers 8 rec 166 yds 1 TD
vs. Eagles 9 rec 152 yds 3 TD
Steelers 7 rec 127 yds 2 TD

It might not matter if the Green Bay Packers have the better offense and defense overall if Fitzgerald takes over the game. That also makes the likely matchup of CB Charles Woodson vs. Fitzgerald one of the marquee matchups of the playoffs. Based on what I’ve seen over the past 16 Packer games, I’ll take Woodson in that matchup.