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Kroy Biermann Makes Perhaps Most Athletic Pick-Six By A Lineman Ever

It's not often that a defensive lineman pulls off the most exciting athletic feat of the day, but Falcons' third-year defensive end Kroy Biermann may have done just that, in the process making a key contribution to his team's winning effort.

With Atlanta leading Cleveland by three points with just about four minutes left in the game, Biermann rushed Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme, blocked the quarterback's toss in the flat, made a driving interception and was able to get back to his feet to...

[searches frantically for appropriate verb for a lineman's gait]

...RUMBLE 31-yards for a decisive Big Guy touchdown. Yes, that should do nicely. On occasion, even the biggest of lineman is able to make a big return for a score. Heck, even Shaun Rogers did it once. But in terms of sheer athleticism, Biermann's play was a rarity. After the jump, a more typical contribution from a big guy.

That's some nice roly-poly tumbling, Daniel Loper. You make John Madden's tender parts dance with delight and grinder bonhomie.