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No Update On Eric LeGrand's Condition

Greg Schiano had no further news to report after Wednesday's practice on Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand, paralyzed from the neck down after an injury sustained on a kickoff return in the Scarlet Knights' Saturday game against Army. SB Nation's Rutgers blog, On The Banks, takes a look at some community reactions to LeGrand's situation:

The broader Rutgers athletics community has done an admirable job in responding to LeGrand's horrific accident. Equally welcome has been the overwhelming reaction from the broader sports universe and across the country and globe. Pittsburgh is doing their part as their football program prepares to host the Scarlet Knights this weekend. RU football has never had a great relationship with radio host Mike Francesa on WFAN (the station has a lot of alumni working behind the scenes however.) However, Francesa yesterday acted with the utmost class and dignity, and deserves to be commended on that account.

The get-well message campaign for LeGrand is still underway, if you'd like to send your thoughts.