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BCS Standings: Oklahoma's Loss Will Shake Up BCS Rankings

Week after week this season, a slew of upsets has shaken up the various college football rankings. Week 8 proved to be no different.

This week's headlining upset is definitely Missouri's 36-27 win over Oklahoma. The Sooners were the top-ranked team in last week's BCS standings, and will surely fall a way in this week's edition of the rankings.

Oregon might be the team assuming the top spot after a destruction of UCLA, but the team gaining the most ground this week should be Auburn. Led by the incredible Cam Newton, the Tigers won again, downing LSU and ending Les Miles' season of miracles, and that should help Auburn's strength of schedule immensely.

Boise State might move up in the human polls, but Oklahoma's loss might only temporarily help the Broncos in their quest to make the BCS Championship game. Auburn has a stronger schedule upcoming, and should the Tigers run the table, they should leap past the perennial BCS busters.

Missouri, by virtue of a win over the BCS' top-ranked team, might enter the national championship race as a dark-horse with some upward mobility. The Tigers will also play Nebraska next week, and could use back-to-back wins over the Big 12 blue-bloods to spring into the BCS Championship Game discussion.