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World Series Means Cliff Lee Versus Tim Lincecum But It Also Mean Morris Versus Brisbee

SB Nation is on the cusp of turning 7 years old in two weeks. And I can't think of a better way of celebrating that birthday than having two of the original SB Nation baseball communities battling it out for a World Series title. Yes, Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles and Adam Morris of Lone Star Ball will be dialing up the rhetoric as the Giants and Rangers wrestle for baseball's crown.


I'm pretty sure that if I followed the letter of the law as an A's fan, there's no winning here. We have our AL West divisional rival on one side. On the other is our hated rival from across the Bay. But the fact that both Morris and Brisbee are such great people and have some of the best baseball communities on the Web, well, let's just say it softens the blow to my fandom.


Even if you don't care about the World Series, check in on those two communities as you won't regret it. McCovey Chronicles has some of the most hilarious, yet surprisingly insightful commentary you'll ever read. Lone Star Ball is a perfect mix of the best baseball analysis combined with one of the most engaged groups of fans around.


As for me, well, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington was one of my favorite A's coaches of the past 10 years so I'm rooting for Wash to climb that mountain and get a World Series ring as a manager. Hey, at least they aren't the Angels.