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Vikings And Patriots Reportedly Discussing Trade For Randy Moss

On Tuesday night, ESPN's Bill Simmons sent out a tweet he later claimed was an accident that mentioned a possible trade being discussed between the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots that would reunite receiver Randy Moss with the team that drafted him.

ProFootballTalk immediately ran a post about Simmons' tweet as though it were some sort of confirmation of the inner workings between the franchises, when it might have merely been scuttlebutt between Simmons and a friend. Fortunately for Mike Florio, Jay Glazer, a far more reputable news source than Simmons, later confirmed over Twitter that the Vikings and Patriots have indeed discussed a possible trade of Moss.

According to Glazer, the deal hinges on whether the Vikings can negotiate a new deal for Moss, who has for months been seeking a new long-term deal from New England. In several interviews, he has stated that this will likely be his last season with the Patriots.

Moss coming back to the Vikings would be intriguing for any number of reasons. Not the least of which would be that it was Packers general manager Ted Thompson's refusal to trade for Moss in 2007 that began Brett Favre's fallout with the franchise. Favre, of course, would finally get a chance to play with Moss were the receiver dealt to Minnesota.