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Mississippi State DE Nick Bell In Grave Condition Following Emergency Surgery

Nick Bell, a sophomore Mississippi State defensive end battling skin cancer who saw starting time in two SEC games this year before having his season cut short by brain surgery in October, has suffered what Dan Mullen is referring to as "a setback in his battle":

"We found out this weekend it's metastasized through his body," Mullen said. "He took a little turn for the worse in the past three days. He's in a battle right now. He's struggling, so I'm going to go over and visit him."

Bell had a second, emergency operation performed at UAB hospital on Monday, and is currently in intensive care, listed in grave condition. He was visited by a group of several dozen coaches and teammates, and according to the Bulldogs' beat writer for Scout, family and friends are saying their goodbyes:


For further updates on his condition, visit SB Nation's For Whom The Cowbell Tolls. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick, his family, and the entire Mississippi State community.