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BCS Rankings: Oregon, Auburn Should Top Week 13 Standings

With Oregon, Auburn, and TCU all enjoying bye weeks in Week 12, the Week 13 BCS rankings should be little different from last week's.

Our BCS expert, Ben Prather from BCS Evolution, forecasts little change from last week's BCS standings, keeping his top five the same and predicting that no team ranked lower than LSU can make it to the BCS National Championship Game. That's been par for the course lately, as the BCS rankings have been surprisingly stable after a flurry of early-season upsets.

Where it might get weird, Prather writes, is lower in the top 10, where Ohio State might jump Wisconsin and take pole position in the race for the Big Ten championship and the Rose Bowl berth that comes with it.

Ohio State looks to be the winner of the Big Ten race, barring a loss to Michigan next week, after jumping Wisconsin this week. A Michigan State loss could change things as well, giving the Badgers the outright Big Ten championship without a BCS standings tiebreaker.

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