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NCAA Basketball Rankings: AP Top 25 Poll Has Duke Still No. 1, UConn Making Big Move

If we needed any further proof that preseason MCAA basketball rankings are fairly unreliable, this week's AP poll provides it. Last week, Jim Calhoun and UConn were ranked No. 36 in the AP poll, but stellar performances by standout Kemba Walker and convincing wins over top 10 teams Michigan State and Kentucky have vaulted the Huskies all the way up to No. 7. The losses don't seem to have hurt MSU and UK much though, as they fall only to No. 6 and 10, respectively.

Duke remains on top of the hill at No.1, receiving all 65 first place votes. The press was apparently very impressed by the double-digit win over Kansas State only a few miles down the road from the Wildcats' home campus. With the ACC/Big Ten challenge upcoming, Duke will put their top ranking on the line again this week against MSU, although the matchup may have lost some of its luster with the Spartans no longer holding the No. 2 spot.

Other big climbers this week include the ever embattled Tennessee Volunteers who ride their 5-0 start all the way up to No.13 after last week's win over now No.12 Villanova The UNLV Rebels also made a big move, cracking the poll this week at No. 24.

Complete Poll:

1 Duke
2 Ohio State
3 Pittsburgh
4 Kansas
5 Kansas State
6 Michigan State
7 Connecticut
8 Syracuse
9 Missouri
10 Kentucky
11 Baylor
12 Villanova
13 Tennessee
14 Memphis
15 Minnesota
16 Georgetown
17 San Diego State
18 Florida
19 Texas
20 Illinois
21 Brigham Young
22 Purdue
23 Washington
25 Notre Dame