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Chilean Miner Edison Pena, 'The Runner,' Finishes New York City Marathon

Edison Peña, one of the 32 Chilean miners who spent 69 days trapped underground, completed the 2010 New York City Marathon on Sunday, crossing the finish line with the Chilean flag draped over him as Elvis music played over the speakers. 

Peña earned the nickname "The Runner" for his twice-daily runs while stuck nearly a half mile underground. 

He walked for a majority of the second half, suffering from gimpy knees and aching feet, but jogged the final bit in Central Park to the finish line. His unofficial time Sunday was 5:40:51, but obviously for Peña, simply finishing is the real story

The remaining journalists in the media room aren't even working, just watching the TV as Edison Pena is rounding Columbus Circle.

The New York Road Runners originally invited Peña to be a guest of honor at Sunday's race, but he surprised them when he said that he'd rather run his first marathon.