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Indiana Basketball's Guy-Marc Michel Ruled Ineligible By NCAA

Between Cam Newton at Auburn, Enes Kanter at Kentucky and now Guy-Marc Michel at Indiana, the NCAA has had its hands full with big time universities and eligibility lately. On Wednesday night, the NCAA ruled that the IU center is "permanently ineligible to play" because his five years of college eligibility have expired. This all stems from the fact that in 2006 Michel enrolled in a French university, which according to the NCAA began his five year clock.

Normally this would not be too terribly problematic, given that he should still have one year left of eligibility for the 2010-11 season, but unfortunately there is also this problem: Michel was found to have violated his amateur status by playing for a French Pro-Am team SLUC Nancy, the punishment for which is, you guessed it, a one year suspension. So, with all of this information, the NCAA has decided that there is no way for the 7'1" 275 pound center can legally play for Indiana.

Tom Crean and Indiana University are now obligated to maintain Michel's scholarship through the end of this season, but not into the next, leaving IU holding the bag for violations that occurred far before Michel ever transferred to the school, and unfortunately without him ever having played a single minute for the Hoosiers.