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Wisconsin DC Dave Doeren To Replace Jerry Kill At Northern Illinois

Jerry Kill, one of our nation's most notably ruddy Americans, took Northern Illinois to the MAC Championship Game and garnered a Humanitarian Bowl bid before announcing he'd be skipping town to replace Tim Brewster at Minnesota. His own replacement will apparently be Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Doeren.

Doeren rose to the position of DC in 2008, after serving as co-coordinator for several seasons. He previously coached linebackers at Kansas. SB Nation's Red and Black Attack is cheerfully ambivalent:

We will be good on defense and this guy is a great recruiter.  Kind of like a mini-Bielema.

Good hire.  Could have been a lot worse.  Interesting to see who he brings on as  his coordinators.  Obviously not worried about defense, but offense is where he needs to hit a home run for next year to be a championship season.

SB Nation's Hustle Belt sees this as an order-restoring move of sorts:

Well, UW isn't exactly known for their defense, but it is a pretty strong one. His pedigree is probably the snazziest of the three, but other than coaching the next state over, he has no mid-major ties. And why not? Minnesota takes one of theirs, they snap up one of Wisconsin's. In the end, the Curling Belt ends up even-steven.

They may not be known for it, but the Badgers' D did put up a nice fight in the Big Ten this season. Doeren's unit ranked 22nd nationally in total defense and 29th in scoring defense.

According to SB Nation's Bucky's 5th Quarter, Doeren will remain with the Badgers to coach his unit through the Rose Bowl. Our Wisconsin blogger also notes that the Badgers will play the Huskies at Soldier Field next September.

A press conference announcing the hire is scheduled for 3 p.m. EST Monday.