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NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Cowboys Win Again; Cardinals, Broncos At The Bottom

The 2010 NFL season hasn't been kind to the teams in the bottom third of our rankings. The Cowboys got off to a horrible start but have looked better in the Jason Garrett era while the Rams and Seahawks are battling for the NFC West -- and by "battling" I mean "trying to avoid winning the division". That's the way it seems at least.

The Broncos and Cardinals hold up the rear as they both looked pretty bad on Sunday losing again. The Panthers meanwhile won but are still on track to take the top spot in the draft.

Here are No. 21-32 in our NFL power rankings for Week 16. No. 1-20 will be released later today.

21. Dallas Cowboys (5-9): The Cowboys got an ugly win against Washington. They (read: Jason Garrett) needs these late season wins.  LW: 21

22. St. Louis Rams (6-8): The Rams lost by 14 and the Seahawks lost by 16 so St. Louis moves ahead of them. I'm not sure how else to separate these two. They'll meet in Week 17 for the division title. LW: 23

23. Seattle Seahawks (6-8): It seems that no one wants to win the NFC West. The best case scenario at this point would be an 8-8 winner. LW: 22

24. Buffalo Bills (4-10): Buffalo's closer than people think. I'm not going to say they'll be a contender next year but this team clearly isn't an easy out. They get their fourth win of the season against Miami.   LW: 25

25. Detroit Lions (4-10): That's two in a row now for Detroit. These wins at the end of the season could provide some momentum heading into next year. LW: 29

26. San Francisco 49ers (5-9): That was an ugly game against the Chargers on Thursday night. Somehow, the 49ers are still alive in the NFC West at 5-9. LW: 24

27. Minnesota Vikings (5-9): Is that it for Brett Favre? He left Monday night's game with a concussion and the Joe Webb era doesn't look incredibly promising. This isn't a bad team. They just don't have a quarterback. LW: 26

28. Washington Redskins (5-9): Whose the fool that thought this team had a shot at the playoffs? Oh, yeah, me.... LW: 27

29. Cincinnati Bengals (3-11): Hey now, there's a victory! The losing streak is snapped! This season can't get over soon enough for the Bengals. LW: 30

30. Carolina Panthers (2-12): Watch it, Carolina. You're ruining your draft position. They should still come down with the No.1  pick. LW: 31

31. Arizona Cardinals (4-10): When you lose to a team that's won once in 13 tries, it can't be a good thing. The Cardinals need to find a quarterback. LW: 29

32. Denver Broncos (3-11): Just when you think it can't get any worse the Raiders hang 39 on you. LW: 32