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Final BCS Rankings: Last Standings Of 2010 Should Have Auburn, Oregon On Top

This year may bring one of the tightest finishes in the final BCS rankings in the history of the Bowl Championship Series. And it won't matter.

That's because big wins yesterday in the SEC Championship Game and Civil War basically locked up Auburn and Oregon's berths in the BCS National Championship Game, and the only thing left to wonder is which team will get to wear its home uniforms.

Our BCS expert has projected Auburn will be number one in the final BCS rankings, meaning the Tigers would hold onto the slim lead they took in the Week 14 BCS rankings.

And while that sets up a BCS National Championship Game with Auburn as the "home" team and Oregon forced to raid the other side of its closet of flourescent green and yellow outfits, it does nothing to change an outcome that has seemed inevitable since the midpoint of the 2010 college football season: the irresistible forces of Cam Newton and Oregon's "blur" offense will meet in Glendale for a national title.

It will be fun, no doubt, with the prospective Heisman Trophy winner and highest-scoring offense in the country meeting in the BCS National Championship Game. But it better be fun to make up for the relative paucity of drama that a season with multiple undefeated teams affords.