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Michael Young Trade Rumors Pop Up As Rangers Explore Options

The Texas Rangers are a known strong suitor of Cliff Lee, and they have interest in big-name targets like Carl Crawford and Zack Greinke as well. Now, according to Ken Rosenthal, their offseason is growing even more complex, as they're currently fielding calls for Michael Young.

The 34-year-old Young is regarded by some as the face of the Rangers franchise, a guy who's been with the team since debuting in 2000. However, the Rangers are willing to listen to trade offers anyway, possibly considering the idea of clearing some payroll.

Young is under contract for each of the next three seasons at $16 million each. He has limited no-trade rights through this coming May, at which point he will gain the right to refuse a trade to any team. The Rangers could look to deal him for another expensive salary, or they could look to clear room to, say, add Adrian Beltre, or increase their offer to Cliff Lee.

Stay tuned as this story does or doesn't develop. Nothing's imminent now, but things can happen quickly at the Winter Meetings.

Young batted .284 a year ago, and has a lifetime average of .300, with moderate power. He is not known as a very good defender at third base.