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The Opening Ceremony, Hosted By Everyone In The World

In, say, an NFL broadcast, the sophisticated mishmash of events on the field is explained to you by two or three commentators and perhaps a sideline reporter. If you're lucky, one of them will have a loose grasp on what they're talking about. For the most part, this is completely adequate.

The Winter Olympics' opening ceremony starts Friday night at 9:00 Eastern. In essence, it's a bunch of people marching with flags. How many commentators are required to convey this? NBC believes the answer to be somewhere around a billion.

[Bob] Costas and [Matt] Lauer first anchored the Opening Ceremony together at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. NBC Olympics Daytime and Weekend host Al Michaels will join Costas and Lauer from the studio. ‘NBC Nightly News’ Anchor Brian Williams, NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw and NBC Olympics Late Night host Mary Carillo are contributors. NBC Olympics correspondents Cris Collinsworth and Dan Patrick will provide interviews and the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore will provide weather updates.

That's nine people. I hope they all talk over each other at once, treating us to a barely intelligible roar of, "they sure look proud to be here."

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