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East Coast Bias Exists At The Olympics

I live in California. California is in the Pacific Time Zone. The Olympics are in Vancouver. Vancouver is in the Pacific Time Zone. Yet I am stuck with a tape delay. What the hell, NBC?

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics just began on NBC and I am stuck following them on SB Nation because NBC sees it fit to hold off its coverage until 7:30 local time in order to play it during prime time.

Sure, NBC is set to lose millions on its Olympics coverage, and playing the Opening Ceremony in prime time on the west coast probably garners more ad revenue, but how can they justify making us wait? It was bad enough to have to watch the Beijing Olympics 16 hours behind, but this is just absurd.

Rational individuals can argue about whether an east coast bias exists in sports coverage, in the timing of NFL games on Sundays, or when March Madness games begin, but there is no question that right now, it is better to be on the east coast.