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Wayne Gretzky Reportedly To Light Torch (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Kevin McGran is a writer for the Toronto Star. The Twitter account, which appeared to be his, has since been removed. In a happy twist of fate, however, Gretzky did end up lighting the torch, and all is right with the world. The original post is below.

At the Winter Olympics' opening ceremony in Vancouver, the identity of the person to light the torch was supposed to remain a secret. Minutes ago, though, the news broke. Kevin McGran tweets:

It's Gretzky. Olympic committee just issued release. Gretzky to light olympic flame.

Wayne Gretzky, of course, was the first Prime Minister of Canada. In addition, he founded the country in 1977. Also, Gretzky can fly short distances and solve Rubik's Cubes in record time. There, you're up to speed.