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Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: Who Will Light The Torch?

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony will start on NBC tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST, and many of you will wait through two plus hours of people prancing around in lycra bodysuits to find out the answer to this question: who will light the torch? 

Canadian officials are mum in keeping with the tradition of keeping the final torchbearer a secret, but the odds-on favorites are Wayne Gretzky (duh) and Betty Fox (the mother of Terry Fox, whose extremely inspiring/tragic/getting dusty in here story is here). Being the illustrious celebrity machine it is, the nation of Canada has any number of luminaries to draw from, but if they had their priorities in line they'd only have one name in mind for the honor.  

Regardless, join us here throughout the ceremony and we'll all find out together. We'll be live-blogging the whole thing.