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Kelly: No 'Rush to Judgment' On James

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly spoke about the LaMichael James situation today, along with other disciplinary issues facing the Ducks. As for James, it looks like Kelly is waiting to see how everything plays out.

“There can’t be a rush to judgement,” Kelly said at a noon press conference. “When a decision is made, and if he’s convicted, we’ll make a decision.”

Which is just fine by our Oregon blog, Addicted to Quack.

It seems like there are clear rules for the team, and Kelly will not hesitate to make a decision, when he has all the facts. It’s very important that we consider this, as Kelly was very clear that there will not be a rush to judgement. In fact, Kelly did not talk to LaMichael James until last night.

To me, this is what I want to see from our head coach. I have no doubt that Kelly will not tolerate these types of incidents, and will bring down the hammer when necessary. But it’s also about doing what is just, and to improve the character of the men on the team.

Good luck trying to get that to catch on outside Eugene.