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Ovechkin Levels Jagr, Russia Pushes Lead To 3-1

Maybe Jaromir Jagr hasn’t dealt with the physical aspect of hockey much in the last two years. At the very least, he certainly didn't look like he was ready for a Russian freight train to come rolling through his station. Carrying the puck through the neutral zone, Jagr was absolutely decked by Alexander Ovechkin.

The hit had two immediate implications. Jagr lost the puck and the Russians picked it up and moved in the other direction. Then, Czech defenseman Roman Polak became preoccupied by Ovechkin, allowing the Russians to gain the offensive zone.

Evgeni Malkin was wide open at the net, where Alexander Semin found him with a pass. Malkin buried a shot past Czech goaltender Tomas Vokoun for his second of the game to give Russia a 3-1 lead just a few minutes into the third period.