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More Oregon Woes: Jamere Holland Dismissed From Team For Facebook Note, Kiko Alonso Suspended For Season

More bad news for the suddenly troubled Oregon football program. Linebacker Kiko Alsono will be suspended for the entire 2010 season following his DUI arrest last Saturday, according to

But even worse for the Ducks was the dismissal of wide receiver Jamere Holland, who took to Facebook in a profanity-laced tirade upon hearing false rumors that Kiko had been kicked off the team. According to the New York Daily News, Holland criticized the team after mistakenly believing that Kiko had been dismissed, before posting:

I wish I could block whites as friends and only have blacks LOL, cause apparently I’m misunderstood

Head coach Chip Kelly refused to go into specifics about why Holland was no longer on the team, although he told reporters that they were “smart enough to figure it out.”