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Morrow Responds, Re-Establishes Three Goal Canadian Cushion

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Brendan Morrow is an aging forward who has a clear role on this Canadian team. He's not there to score many goals; he's simply an experienced veteran who is there to provide support and a lot of energy while he's out there. His ice time has been cut back in the tournament and he's seen a lot more bench than he's used to seeing.

With less than two minutes left in the first period, Morrow proved that he still has a lot of worth left. With the puck behind the net, Morrow walked right in from of Evgeni Nabokov and just jammed the puck into the net. Nabokov's presence was merely a road block that he plowed right through.

Canada has a commanding 4-1 lead and they don't look to be stopping as the first period comes to a close. Could we see a goalie change in Russia's future? They certainly need some kind of shakeup or their Olympic tournament is going to be over.

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