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Ice Basketball? ... Ice Basketball!

The world is a big, crazy place. At some point, someone was bound to try playing basketball on ice skates. Live from Vilnius, Lithuania… A team called the Hockey Punks takes on the national hockey team in a game of hoops. On ice:

As one of the Lithuanians explained: “Since the Lithuanian state cares only about basketball and completely ignores other sports, we decided to challenge this and try playing basketball ourselves to get attention.” The National team prevailed in a barnburner, 13-11, but to be fair, it’s tough to hit a jumpshot from ice skates.


The video itself is completely bizarre, with editing that’s reminiscent of Dave Chappelle’s And1 Mixtape parody. But that’s a good thing, I think.


If nothing else, let’s hope this leads to basketball hoops being placed on skating rinks worldwide. Like pool basketball, ya know? But on ice.