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Felipe Lopez Lands With The Cardinals

Middle infielder Felipe Lopez will be returning to St. Louis, where he enjoyed a very successful half-season in 2008, reports B.J. Rains:

The deal, which reportedly will be worth $2 million, won't be made official until Lopez passes a physical, which could come as early as Saturday in Jupiter.

For the Cardinals, Lopez represents welcome back-up for an infield that features rookie David Freese at thirdbase and converted-outfielder Skip Schumaker at second. St. Louis may use Lopez in the super-utility role he served for them in 2008, which was vacated by free agent Mark DeRosa, who signed with the Giants this offseason.

Lopez is coming off a career-year with the Diamondbacks and Brewers, but a free agent market depressed by a weak economy and glut of similar second basemen limited his suitors. This signing comes just two weeks after Lopez fired mega-agent Scott Boras for failing to secure him a deal. While the Cardinals can not guarantee him a starting job,  they offer a very good chance at the post-season and an opportunity for Lopez to play with friend Albert Pujols

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