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Tim Tebow Scored a 22 On The Wonderlic

If you love to hate on, and indeed consider yourself a "hater," the best day for you in the run-up to the NFL draft is today: Wonderlicsmas, the day when "NFL sources" begin leaking the often embarrassing results of the timed intelligence test known as the Wonderlic. It's fun, because you get to make fun of their brain! 


The best a player can possibly do on the test is 50. (Only confirmed perfect score: Pat McInally of Harvard.) The average score for a quarterback is 24, a score Tim Tebow missed by two points with a reported score of 22. For context, this puts him just below Peyton Manning (28) and Tom Brady (33), but above Dan Marino (15) and Jeff George (who to no one's surprise allegedly scored a 10 on the test by drawing a huge picture of himself playing football in crayon on the answer sheet.) 


Tebow's score also matches Brett Favre's own childlike score of 22, though without the childlike joy Favre took in the test. Other scores included Jimmy Clausen's 23 (Notre Dame is SO hard to get into,) Colt McCoy's 25, and Sam Bradford's lofty 36, which NFL scouts will misread as a troubling commitment to "being smart" and "reading" over football.