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Bloggers React To SEC Tournament Day 1

GAME 1: Alabama 68 - South Carolina 63

For the Alabama partisans at Roll Bama Roll, this was a big win precisely because it flipped the normal script for what the team has done this year:

during the season bama lost at least three one-point heartbreakers against conference rivals. faltering in the second half was pretty much the MO for the squad until the final week of the season. this was a huge win on a lot of levels for the team.

 As you can imagine, Garnet and Black Attack sees the game more as a full-fledged disaster. The fatalism is thick:

At the end of the day, though, this game pretty much sums up our season: good enough to put ourselves in position to have a chance to do something big, but not good enough to finish. That's your 2009-2010 South Carolina Gamecocks.

GAME 2: Tennessee 59 - LSU 49

Rocky Top Talk is glad to have won the game, and its very appreciative of the team's front court. Wayne Chism was a star in the game. Ultimately, though, proper perspective is required:

When the backcourt struggled, the men on the inside dominated.  As a result, Scotty Hopson could go 0 of 8 from the field, and the Vols could still win.'s LSU.  The Vols held them under 50, dominated the paint on both ends, and made the free throws they needed to down the stretch...but it's LSU.

It's hard to blame the LSU folks at And the Valley Shook for going right back to baseball last night. After what kind of hoops year it's been, you fellas go right ahead with that.

GAME 3: Florida 78 - Auburn 69

Alligator Army is not 100 percent happy with the game, but a win's a win and it got the Gators into good position for the NCAA tournament. Plus, there was something weird about Florida's top scorer...

Alex Tyus had one of the strangest 24 point, 11-16 shooting nights I can remember. His misses were awful left handed shots and his baby soft hands were stripped of the ball at least four times. But you take the good with the bad with Tyus. Just like his awesome dreads and hairline that starts at the top of his head.

Track 'Em Tigers had no immediate reaction to the game, but it's pretty sure that head coach Jeff Lebo should be on the way out.

GAME 4: Georgia 77 - Arkansas 64

If you know Dawg Sports, you know a torrent of words can come at any moment about any topic. That's what makes last night's reaction both unique and special for its brevity:

Well, I'll be danged.

Go 'Dawgs!

It's fitting.

Meanwhile, Arkansas Expats takes the opportunity to wish a fond farewell to long-time radio play-by-play man Mike Nail:

Thanks for the great calls, Mike. You will be missed. The 2010 season, on the other hand, not so much.