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Seantrel Henderson Is A Trojan (For Real This Time)

Seantrel Henderson, the five-star blue-chip all-everything left tackle prospect last seen pointedly not signing an LOI with USC, is a freshly minted academic qualifier (convenient, that), has apparently had his concerns about the program's administrative future assuaged and will sign with the Trojans on Thursday:

Henderson and his family said they wanted to wait until U.S.C. appeared before an N.C.A.A. infractions committee last month to get a sense of where the investigation into the Trojans’ athletic department, football program and men’s basketball program was headed although penalties are not believed to be known until next month.

By announcing today but holding off on the inking, Henderson will cross the Bryce Brown Rubicon in fine style, outlasting Brown's March 16th commitment date by a scant 48 hours. No word yet on whether Lane Kiffin will ask Henderson to sign a "no takebacks" recruitment rider, first popularized by Alabama during the reign of Mike Price.