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Jose Reyes Cleared To Return To Camp

About two weeks ago, shortstop Jose Reyes was instructed to take it easy for 2-8 weeks to let his body recover from an overactive thyroid. Well, Reyes' thyroid levels were checked Tuesday morning, and they're back to normal, so Reyes has been cleared by team doctors to return to camp with the rest of his team. That he's been able to make it back in just about the minimum amount of time comes as a bit of good news for an organization and fan base desperate for a little fortune.

Reyes will still have to work his way back into game shape, and it could take him some time to get up to speed. However, where once it appeared guaranteed that he would miss significant time during the season, now there's an outside shot that he could even be ready by Opening Day. It's not likely, but it's no longer impossible.