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Steroids And The Capitals: On Second Thought... Let's Not Rush To Judgment

Just for the record, there's been no proof of any steroid use from any of the Capitals players, or any NHL players, as it relates to this matter. As J.P. of Japers Rink reminds us in the comments, this was all addressed back in May:

"We have no reason to believe there is any merit to this story, but the National Hockey League and the Washington Capitals take all such allegations seriously," said Capitals president Dick Patrick in a team release. "Capitals players have fully participated in the NHL's random drug testing program, and at no point has a Capitals player tested positive. In addition our players have been tested at international events, such as World Championships and Olympics. We welcome and will fully cooperate with the NHL's investigation."

"The Washington Capitals have no knowledge of any aspect of this allegation," said NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly. "Capitals players were subjected to no-notice testing five separate times over the past two seasons pursuant to the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and there was no indication of any improper conduct or wrongdoing."

And while watching baseball's demise has conditioned cynicism in most sports fans, there's still nothing material to any steroid suspicions regarding the NHL or the Washington Capitals. For that matter, if there's one thing that deserves more cynicism than performancing enhancing athletes, it's overzealous law-enforcement and journalists that give them credence.

So le's take this opportunity to dial back any interpretations of today's news, and allow the investigation run its course before we reach any conclusions.