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Daniel Alfredsson Awarded Rare Automatic Goal

With 38 goals and 40 assists in 75 regular season matchups, Daniel Alfredsson has always been a bit of a thorn in the side of the Buffalo Sabres, to say nothing of his previous playoff exploits. Against Buffalo, Alfredsson has scored at even strength, he's scored on the power play, he's scored short-handed, and - as of Friday night - he's scored without even putting the puck in the net.


Ottawa was ahead of Buffalo 3-2 in the dying seconds when Alfredsson found himself staring at an empty net on a partial breakaway. However, he was hauled down before he could get a shot off, and even though there was less than a second remaining on the clock, sure enough, the signal came in - according to the rulebook, that's an automatic goal. There was no face-off to follow, but Alfredsson's goal officially came in at 19:59 of the third, his 19th of the season, giving Ottawa a 4-2 win.


There's no video posted yet, but for your convenience, we've prepared this handy .gif of the event. We're always looking out for you, the reader.